If you feel like leaving the privacy of your luxury villas in Elounda Crete and you are ready to explore the area of Plaka and beyond, there is a range of activities for you, depending on your personal preferences and interests.

From impressive archaeological and historical sites to various museums, delectable local dining, refreshing beach life, hiking, wellness treatments and so much more, you will be spoilt for choice.

Here we propose some of the best spots in the nearby area for you to see and do during your stay at Elounda Luxury Villas in Crete.

Take a boat trip at Spinalonga Island

Pay a visit at Spinalonga (or Kalydon), the tiny islet off the coast of Elounda featured in Victoria Hislop’s novel “The Island”.  With a long history, this island used to be inhabited by the Turks and in recent years it was a leper colony until 1957. The Venetian fortress walls, as well as remains of the lepers’ settlement are open to public. You will get there in one of the boats departing from the port of Elounda every half hour.

Taste delectable Cretan dishes

In Crete you are bound to sample Mediterranean cuisine at its very best. Cretan delicacies have created a niche in world cuisine and are based on locally grown vegetables and meat, fresh fish and organic ingredients including extra-virgin olive oil and high-quality wine. There is a plethora of excellent places for dining close to Elounda Luxury Villas, so don’t miss the chance to try Cretan cuisine at local restaurants.

Experience amazing beach life and water sports

Crete is renowned for its majestic beaches with the crystal clear waters and facilities for exciting water sports. During your stay at the Elounda Luxury Villas you can relax at the nearby beaches of Plaka or Elounda, or take trips further east to discover the Palm Beach of Vai and other beautiful shores in the area. If you are into scuba diving, there are agencies at Agios Nikolaos organizing diving trips. Those of you who wish to stay away from the crowds can go for private sailing boat or yacht rentals and explore the islands of Mirabelo bay – and beyond – and enjoy swimming and sunbathing at magnificent hidden coves.

Meet the Mediterranean sea world at Cretaquarium

One of the latest tourist attractions in Crete is the Aquarium. It is situated at the old US air force base in Gournes and you will find it on your way from Agios Nikolaos to Heraklion. The Cretaquarium features 30 tanks with sea water that host Mediterranean sea-life ranging from amazing jelly fish to sharks. It a great option for a fun day out, whether you are travelling with kids or not.

Discover the archaeological site of Ancient Olous (Elounda)

Inhabited since the Minoan times, Elounda flourished in Roman and Byzantine times. Nowadays, the ruins of Ancient Olous located just beneath the surface of the sea, as well as the beautifully preserved mosaics are reminiscent of the town’s marvellous past.

Witness Minoan splendor at the Palace of Knosos, Heraklion

Known as the finest example of Minoan civilization, the Palace of Knosos is a must-see while in Crete. Witness the impressive murals, the sanctuary and throne room, the huge storage pots and the renowned Knossos bathtub, which belonged to the queen. Tip: A guide will take your tour to a whole different level and will share a plethora of unknown details about the site, so consider hiring one.

Enjoy spa treatments in Elounda

In case you need spa pampering, you will be glad to discover a range of ultra-luxury hotels in Elounda offering spa and massage services, as well as wellness treatments that will rejuvenate you.

Get close to nature with amazing hikes

If you are a nature lover, you will be glad to explore the beautiful mountainside and forests of the area and see the local flora and fauna from up close. Reach out to the hiking and mountaineering groups of the area and find out more about the private/group activities organized.